Ringback – Your personal ‘Taxi is Outside’ Notification
All taxi vehicles have global positioning systems installed so at any time we can tell you exactly where your vehicle is. Each vehicle is tracked at our base using this system.

Once you have booked your taxi with us, our system has the facility to let you know when your driver is about to arrive, it will ring your phone twice as your taxi approaches.

Autocab is the World’s most popular booking and dispatch system, using proven and reliable computer and telecommunications technology to improve every aspect of the taxi operator’s business, from booking and dispatch through to accounts and management.
Once you have an Ebooking facility then Abacus Travel Services are able to modify the booking system to suit your own company’s needs. The system allows multi users and each user has an individual login detail (password protected). The system issues a unique reference to each journey and allows your company to track and record all pending and completed work over any time frame.

Click Here to Log in to your Ebooking Account

If you haven’t already got an Autocab account please get in touch on 0161 747 9090 and we can give you some more information.
All communication with your driver is done via the onboard computer and not using radio. This ensures that your personal details remain confidential. Your telephone number for the ringback service is not passed to the driver but is held securely in our computer along with details of your collection and drop-off points.