Special Events

Getting to an event such as race day, concert or other special events requires means of transportation often for a large number of people. If you’re heading to a special occasion in a group, no one wants the hassle booking multiple taxi’s to transport you all safely. Making sure you and your friends get to your favourite events shouldn’t mean spending a large portion of time contacting or looking out for your transport. Forget taxis and start thinking of a luxurious minibus that encompasses all the necessities required for a seamless journey which is paramount to a stress-free day or night out.

Abacus Travel will provide your group with the highest standard of customer service, whilst reliably transporting you to your destination. The vehicles we operate are kept to the highest standard of cleanliness and contain a multitude of technological features that cater specifically to your journey requirements. Our vehicles help you find the balance between managing large numbers of people and your travel budget. Abacus Travel has an unwavering dedication to making the journey you take with us, just as amazing as the destination you arrive at.

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Provider of home to school transport for Trafford Council.

Great Service as always – Ziton

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Official provider of crew transportation for British Airways and KLM